Caribbean IslandThis subject comes up, quite often.  “All the islands are the same.”  I hear this all the time and it makes me defensive for all the beautiful islands and their people in the Caribbean.  Yes, each Caribbean Island is Unique!

Did you know that there is a drive-in volcano in St. Lucia?  You can go 300 feet under the earth’s surface in Harrison’s Cave in Barbados! How about taking a bob-sled ride through the rain forest of Jamaica?  Visit the black sands of Martinique and see the ruins left by Mt. Pelee’s explosion in 1902.  Sink your toes into the black sands of Montserrat or the pink sands of Barbuda.  There are dozens of glorious waterfalls in Grenada.  You can’t go zip-lining in Aruba, but you can hand-feed the wild flamingos!  I could go on and on about the various and unique topography of the islands, as well as the different wild life on each island, but it is the people who make the difference.

When you travel the Caribbean,

you can ask any islander what they love about their island and you will receive similar responses.  “Our culture, our music, our history, our food, our people, make us different than all the others.”  Each Caribbean island is unique because of it’s people.  There is nothing like the warmth of island people – they open their hearts and homes to us so that we can learn what makes their island special.

Yes, some islands have more poverty than others, some islands speak French, rather than English, as their main language.  Some islands are under British rule, others under the French, and others are ruled by the Netherlands.  Some islands survive with tourism as their number one source of income, while others are able to export their agricultural products as a main source of income.

So, the next time someone tells you that all the islands are the same – tell them, absolutely not!

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