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“Turning Dreams Into Memories”

Hibiscus Travel is dedicated to YOU.  While offering personal service and one on one consultations, you tell us YOUR desires and YOUR expectations.  We will discover your “travel profile” – you may not know that you have one!  Recommendations for the perfect destination or type of travel does not happen by chance, it happens by choice.  Choose to work with the dedicated professionals of Hibiscus Travel for your travel dreams.  Hibiscus Travel works with busy professionals who appreciate our service, knowledge, experience, and dedication to their needs and wants.

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Terese Ternullo is the founder and owner of Hibiscus Travel.  “I fell in love with the hibiscus flower during my first solo trip to the islands and knew that I would “someday” own my own travel agency with the name!  My goal, since the very beginning of my travel career, has been to help people fulfill their lives by visiting the destinations of which they have only  dreamed.”  Hence, the tag line, “Turning Dreams Into Memories.”  Terese travels, continuously, to check out updates, refurbishments, and exciting new amenities at many luxury resorts and cruises, and to visit with her many Caribbean friends she has met over the years.  In addition, she has earned many certifications and awards, all which allow her to call Hibiscus Travel “Concierge of Luxury, Romance, & Adventure.”  Contact Terese at terese@hibiscustravel.net or 866.748.8766






Heidi Kaye has always loved traveling – it is a part of who she is! Through traveling with her young family, Heidi has become an expert in planning family vacations and reunions.  Discover her passion at heidisvacations@gmail.com or 866.748.8766