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Would you like to experience Europe in the Caribbean?  Parlez-vous français?  Voulez-vous que vous parliez français?  Aimeriez-vous pratiquer votre français?  C’est votre opportunité!  Vol direct de Fort Lauderdale à Martinique!

Do you speak French?  Would you like to speak French?  Would you like to practice your French?  This is your opportunity!  Fly non-stop to Martinique!

Yes, Norwegian Air has just announced their non-stop flights to the “French” island of Martinique, from Fort Lauderdale.  Norwegian is operating flights 4 times per week, on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Thus, creating a new gateway to one the region’s increasingly popular destinations.

From Caribbean Journal, October 18:

So what to do in Martinique?

This isn’t your typical Caribbean – it’s a remarkable mix of raw natural beauty and cosmopolitan sophistication, from lush rainforests to a thriving local art scene to a collection of 11 rum distilleries that makes it the Bordeaux of rum.

Of course, if you’re looking for a classic beach vacation, you can find that, too, with a wide assortment of beaches from volcanic stretches to traditional white sand.

As for hotels, the emphasis is decidedly on boutique, from small luxury properties like French Coco, Plein Soleil and Cap Est to La Pagerie.

And, then there’s the food, some of the most spectacular cuisine you’ll find in the Caribbean, with a fusion of French and Caribbean that is endlessly creative.  Make sure you try the eateries by local celebrity chefs Marcel Ravin and Jean-Charles Bredas, along with Le Petibonum, the region’s premier gourmet beach restaurant.

And, make sure you don’t miss the town of Saint Pierre, once the “Paris of the Caribbean” but destroyed in a massive volcanic eruption in 1902. Today, it’s the Caribbean Pompeii, a charming historic village.

The photos, here, are just a few of which I took, during my week in Martinique!  I practiced my French with the locals – it was heart-warming to see the appreciation on the residents’ faces.  It’s your turn to feel the warmth of the people, taste the exquisite dining, explore the ruins, and relax on one of the exquisite beaches of Martinique!  Be sure to reach out to me at terese@hibiscustravel.net or 561.748.8766 to reserve your adventure to the “Magnifique Martinique!”   Hibiscus Travel

NOTE:  As of this writing, roundtrip airfare is running approximately $300 USD per person!  Don’t delay in planning!

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