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World Cruises 2019

Has it been your dream to navigate the world on a luxury cruise?

Your “Someday, is NOW.”  The time has come for you to begin planning YOUR World Cruise 2019!  There are quite a few smaller luxurious ships departing in January of 2019 to sail around the world! Each has a different itinerary, one of which is THE one for you.  By reserving, now, you have plenty of time to choose what you want to experience in each of the ports of call.  (Start shopping for clothes, too!)

Do you dream of visiting many countries, but don’t want to live out of a suitcase and fly multiple flights?  Unpack once, on a luxurious ship, and experience the coastal towns and cities of the world.  There are many choices of itineraries available to you – it depends on where, when, and how long you want your adventure to be.

Would you like to travel with a group of friends, family, or colleagues?  “The more, the merrier,” as they say.  Explore new destinations, experience new cultures…travel the world on a cruise.  Learn more on our Group Travel page.

From a full world cruise to a smaller segment of one, we would like to help you decide which will fit your desires and expectations.  Begin your “bucket list” experience in Los Angeles, London, Mote Carlo, and others.  Presently, we are taking reservations and working with our discerning clientele in the planning of a World Cruise, beginning in January 2019!  For more information, follow us on Facebook!

Here are a few of their itineraries:

world cruise

Regent Navigator / 131 days / January 4, 2019


world cruise

Oceania Insignia / 180 days / January 11, 2019


world cruise

Crystal Serenity / 85 days / January 13, 2019


world cruise

Silver Whisper / 132 days / January 6, 2019

 Of course, there are other itineraries, as well as opportunities to sail shorter segments. Call us to discover which World Cruise will be the right one for you!  866.748.8766  Or, begin your journey by scheduling your complimentary Luxury & Romance Planning Session.